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When you come to our Andover divorce and family law firm for a free initial consultation, divorce attorney Jeff Wilson will answer your questions and explain your rights and obligations under Massachusetts law. We know divorce can be difficult - especially when the two parties cannot agree. Whatever your situation, we can help you sort through the issues and reach a fair settlement. If settlement is not possible, we will take your divorce case to trial.

Contact Massachusetts divorce and family law attorney Jeff Wilson at the Wilson Law Office now to schedule a free consultation.

If you are facing a divorce, you have a lot of decisions to make that will affect your family's life for many years ahead. Your divorce attorney will evaluate your situation and offer you a realistic assessment of your divorce case.

  • Divorce: Most divorces can be settled out of court. At our divorce law firm in Andover, we will help you work out a fair settlement or, if a settlement cannot be reached, we are ready and willing to use our extensive trial experience on your behalf.
  • Child custody: Who should have primary custody of the children? Is joint custody possible in your divorce? What is in the best interests of the child? We will help you evaluate the situation and make decisions that will allow your children to maintain healthy relationships with both parents while helping you work together effectively with your ex-spouse.
  • Child support: Our law firm will help you understand the Massachusetts child support guidelines. We will go through the support worksheet with you and show you the factors that determine the child support you will pay or receive.
  • Child visitation: In most cases, children benefit from strong relationships and sufficient parenting time with both of their parents. What is fair and what would work best in your family situation? Our Andover child visitation attorney can help.
  • Division of assets: Massachusetts law requires an equitable division of the marital assets and debts. The length of the marriage and the true economic contribution of each spouse will be considered by the court.
  • Spousal support: Will your divorce involve spousal maintenance or support ("alimony")? That will depend on several factors including the length of the marriage and the earning capacity of each spouse. Rehabilitative alimony may be awarded for a limited time.
  • Domestic abuse: If there are allegations of domestic abuse in your divorce, we can help you understand the criminal law implications, represent you during a hearing for a protective order, and advise you on how domestic abuse affects child custody and visitation.

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